It’s A Spring Thing

The days are getting longer, temperatures are slowly rising and thanks to recent rains It’s easy being green 🍃🌱

Vernal Equinox means warmer days, green grasses and blooming landscapes. Spring is the perfect time to take in the trails and to seize the opportunity of outdoor wonders. 

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens

🌱These photos were taken at the Bay trail in Shoreview, San Mateo, California. There are many beautiful things to see along the trail like the view of San Mateo bridge, my favorite thing to do here is watching the planes lands and take off. 🍃

🌱This next one is lake Merced, a large freshwater lake in San Francisco’s southwestern corner, is the heart of a 614-acre park that is popular with boaters, hikers, bicyclists, and birdwatchers. A 4.5-mile paved trail circles the lake’s perimeter; facilities include many picnic areas and a boathouse, fishing pier, and boat launch.🍃

🌱These next photos are when I went for a walk at Crystal Spring Sawyer Camp Trail. What I love about this trail beside the stunning view of the reservoir is it is shaded for the most part and it’s safe if you’re by yourself.🍃

I would love to opt more outside in spring  if only Im not too allergic to pollen! And yes allergy pills doesnt work anymore😢

This is my very first entry for WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge  



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    1. I started doing it just recently, my friend recommended it too. But he is taking it twice a day by itself and it works he said. Me, i put it in my yogurt, i dunno if it’ll work hehe a teaspoon by itself is too sweet 😊

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